Not Another Atheist Podcast!


Episode 50: Matt Dillahunty has lowered his guard…

Where do we even begin? This was truly an honour for us to have Matt Dillahunty, of Atheist Experience fame, join us and sit down to just riff. We had a few prepared questions, but otherwise we just got to know who the man that is an atheist for a living is when he isn't atheisting. He has an upcoming tour for all the world, Magic and Skepticism! It is definitely a longer episode, but enjoy the hell out of a light-hearted conversation,



Episode 49: Mandisa wakes us up!

So, Jenn has the hookups and got us an amazing interview with the president of Black Nonbelievers Inc., Mandisa Thomas! She tells us about her incredible journey and fills us in on being black in the atheist community. Oh, and she helps Jenn promo NaNoCon, so check out their incredible group and then sign up to see both Jenn and Mandisa for real at the convention!



Episode 48: Blescious, Oh Nasshole

HA! We did another episode for you beautiful people. Sadly, it is about a very tragic case that has as close to a happy ending as we can hope for. Larry Nassar has a long time behind bars to relive the trauma of having to hear how his violations impacted his victims. Also, Jenn has life tips on drinking and Amazon, hint? They don't mix!

Also, check out NaNoCon 2018!



Episode 47: Now you’re a man, bro!

Heh, we came, we saw, we brought the profanity and boys' egos were checked. We promised last time that we would cover toxic masculinity and we delivered. Sit back, grease down and enjoy the profane discussion of why "boys will be boys" hurts all of us. Also, in our time away, we did a few things on other podcasts, and you should check that out.



Episode 46: Plum Job Memes

Today, on "How awful can people be?" we cover some more misogyny because the world we live in is great to women. A bit of a short episode where we talk a LOT about some ways you should NOT treat women in the workplace. Oh, and we announce some neat stuff, too! For example, our new youtube channel!



Episode 45: Th’dick Abides

I guess we aren't too happy over some of the latest nonsense we have found in the last few weeks. Harvey Weinstein and Mythicist Milwaukee dominate the conversations this episode, and it's difficult to make light of consistent exploitation and victimization.


Click here to see the referenced Courtney Love video!


Episode 44: Fidget Spinners on Nipple Tassles

Well the assholes were out in full force it seems, and we are here to make sure they don't fly under the radar. Can politicians like porn? Just why do geriatric men enjoy women younger than their grandchildren so much? Why don't people realize how damaging their asshole opinions are to the future generations? No answers to these questions and more in this episode, but we do have fun speculating!


Warning - There are graphic images on the following article:


Episode 43: Alt-Right Time Travelling

We haven't forgotten your beautiful ears, we are here, we promise! Listen to 2 overtired podcasters rant about nazis and... more shitty white men. I guess shitty white men is the overall theme of tonight's episode. Though for the first time in Keith's life, he says something nice about Taylor Swift. But there is time travel references, and we prove that history is already repeating itself;

Measels are back, an asian country is threatening the US, Nazis are marching and rallying, it is now 1942. Last year, we had Backstreet Boys touring and a Clinton running for the White House meant it was the 90s. Do we have anyone smart enough with the maths to let us know what time period to expect next year???



Episode 42: A LOT of S’s’s

Brian and Lexi of Scenic City Skeptic fame were willing (forced?) to sit down and chat with us about their show, their journeys into the secular communities, and this little event better known as “Secular Saturday.” Seriously. Also, Lexi has the most amazing voice ever, just give it a listen and try not to fall in love. I dare you.



Episode 41: War Feuerstein

We have a guest! We come to you with a new episode where we discuss the maturity of a person who calls himself War Machine (seriously brah, unless you're Don Cheadle, no you aren't) and find out which freakish christian conservative red-hat fetishist appears in a mirror after saying his name 3 times. Also included, is an interview with an atheist in the military.