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Episode 60: Scatting for Jesus with Andrew Jasko

Andrew Jasko sat down and humored us for an amazing interview, and dives into the mental health impacts of various religious groups and how he works to help those in need of an out. But also listen as Jenn tries to corrupt such a sweet, sweet man.


Also, because Andrew mentioned it. check out


Episode 59: A NaNo-ReCap

Jenn fills us in on the amazing time she had at NaNoCon 2019, and we ramble. A lot. Oh, and Keith talks about the recent election and ponders how the fuck people keep not learning lessons about the people we elect.


Ferret war dance Youtube video


Episode 58: Street Episiology at NaNoCon

Almost like a calendar, NaNoCon has come around once again, and we are here to tell you all about it. Of course, we make some more fun of R Kelly, and then take note that the world of sport has its issues with transphobia.




Episode 57: A Toothy Vagina

Yeah, so, we have some anger to make up for since we took a hiatus. Tune in to hear why you might actually like a pedophile, how PC culture has actually ruined comedy, and listen to Jenn ruin blowjobs, if you dare. We are back, and have no news sources but lots of anecdotes. Get some listening in, would ya?!


Episode 56: Recording Live From Beckystan

Always the conversation you didn't know you wanted to have, but we talk about being deported back to Beckystan, and dick-pic etiquette! No links, just a discussion/ramblecast episode!


Episode 55: Don’t be Rape-y Cavi-y

Bringing the trademark rage and ranting, Keith and Jen have some assholes they need to toss on the grill. Want to have Jen interview Alex Jones? Let's make it happen! #AlexJones #WeKnowYouAreReadingThis #JenInterviewsJones #NAAPgoestoINFOWARS




Episode 54: Mojito Covenant

Tweet the hell out of us @NYCAatheist! Make us feel loved.

So we are still alive and kicking, don't you worry, baby birds. To make up for the prolonged absence, you get to hear a lengthy chat about Jenn's body. Well, a body part. A very relevant part. Incredibly relevant, especially for our podcast.




Episode 53: Not Divorcing from NanoCon!!!

Executive director of Nashville Nones Convention, Patrick, sat down to talk both about the convention itself, as well as his experience in the south as an atheist while getting divorced. Tune in to listen to his story!



Episode 52: Only a Cis Deals in Absolutes

Of all the people we have had the pleasure to gush over, Marissa is the McCoolest. Somehow fitting us into her busy schedule, we give proper attention to the most important topics that everyone has on their mind. We TRANSition into the issues and then do what we can with the time we have to let Marissa tell us about her multiple books and shows. Speaking of, check all of that out in the links!




Episode 51: Is it a bird? A plane? A toothfairy??


This episode was recorded prior to Mr. Silverman's termination from American Atheists. In lieu of this, we have added a disclaimer to the beginning of the episode.

***End disclaimer***


No, instead it is David Silverman of American Atheists! We had another amazing opportunity to interview a prominent figure in the atheist movement, and we certainly didn't want to waste it. Check out the amazing line up they have for speakers, and consider putting this into your calendars!


American Atheists National Convention 2018

Fighting God - David Silverman check out this link if you wish to 

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